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Gold Client

Gold Client is a selective client copy solution for SAP® applications that features intelligent data transfer allowing you to synchronize your SAP clients and reduce their size by up to 90%.

As Production databases grow, maintaining multiple copies of PRD for testing can consume unacceptable amounts of disk storage and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also, the costs to the technical team mount, refreshes can take many weekend hours, runtimes for tape backups lengthen, and system maintenance gets harder. IT departments face numerous challenges trying to maintain concise, consistent landscapes:
  • Do you need to refresh QA and DEV from PRD but don’t have the storage capacity?  
  • Do you have a hard time keeping you SAP clients consistent?
  • Have you got enough storage to maintain full copies of PRD for test clients?
  • Do you need all the transactional data from PRD, or just some of it?

Gold Client™ Features

Better Client Copy Functionality
Gold client utilizes and extends standard SAP client copy functionality to copy just Master and Configuration data, resulting in faster and smaller client copies with true production data without all the transactional "garbage".

Intelligent Data Transfer for Transactional Data
Intelligent Data Transfer functionality allows for the selective copy of subsets of transactional data. You're ensured of getting true production data to test with in DEV and QAS, without the burden of managing full database copies of PRD. Test teams enjoyo working with smaller, faster datasets, without the burden of excessive transactional data.

DEV Unit Test Client Refresh, without Damage to Versioning DB
Until Gold Client, there had never been a good way to refresh unit test clients in DEV. Full database copies of PRD aren't feasible due to the size and loss of the version data in DEV. Gold Client allows you to refresh stale unit test clients with a manageable sized client with true production data.

Faster, More Flexible Client Maintenance
Full database refreshes are a tedious, resource-intensive and time-consuming task for the Basis Team...usually in the evening or weekends. With Gold Client, the pain of performing refreshes is significantly reduced, making it easier to say 'yes' to late-breaking client copy requests.

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