Disaster Recovery

Affordable Disaster Recovery solutions from an SAP certified hosting provider.

Your SAP production systems are mission-critical. Although they are rare, catastrophic events do occur. Fire, flood, power loss and other events can cause the total loss of your SAP production servers. Prudent IT managers seek to institute sound and cost-effective contingency plans to insure that their business can survive a data center disaster. Leveraging over 10 years experience in planning and executing Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies for SAP clients the “Sym-DR: Disaster Recovery Hosting Service” provides SAP customers with world class DR services at affordable price points.

Expert Support, When you Need it Most

Most standard DR hosting services merely provide you with a server and a desk to sit at. It's up to you to get the data to the server and restore a working SAP production instance. With Sym-DR, Symmetry’s expert Basis and SAP NetWeaver® consultants, who install, restore and upgrade SAP for a living, stand ready to execute your DR plan with practiced efficiency.

Certified Peace of Mind

The high quality of Symmetry’s hosting infrastructure and services is backed with an SAP hosting partnership and SSAE 16 Type II certification. Symmetry observes a strict adherence to internal controls and safeguards when hosting or processing data belonging to clients. To maintain SAP certification Symmetry undertakes regular audits by SAP AG. These audits assess the quality of Symmetry’s hosting infrastructure and the Symmetry methodology for managed services, so you can be confident your assets and sensitive data are secure.

Regular DR Testing

A DR solution is only as good as the last DR test. The middle of a true disaster is not the time to discover some missing piece in the recovery process. Integral to the Sym-DR solution is regular DR restore tests to ensure the process works smoothly according to the documented procedure.  As a result, you can be confident your DR plan will work when you need it.

Affordable Price Points

While an effective DR plan is priceless in the event of a true catastrophe, the on-going costs of the DR solution should not add significant burden to the IT budget. With three levels of support, the Sym-DR solution allows you to pick the level that best matches your needs and budget.

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