SAP BusinessObjects™ BI Solutions Portfolio, Mobility and Database Technology

Always connected. Advanced capabilities. Accelerated operations.

As an elite SAP channel partner and value-added reseller, Symmetry delivers the comprehensive, customizable support needed to transform your environment into a superior, synchronized ecosystem.

Shouldn’t your IT environment be the resource propelling your business forward, not holding you back? SAP’s BusinessObject BI Solutions portfolio promises the high-performing integrated technology and varied selection you need for your organization’s specific market and business demands. And Symmetry is the premier vendor choice, not just to fulfill, but to cater to your unique environment requirements. Our experts are certified in SAP's wide-ranging technologies, including the latest game-changers, SAP Sybase ASE and HANA. Discover the full portfolio below.

SAP Mobile Platform
BYOD is becoming a critical method for conducting business. Smoothly and securely connect your entire organization through the solution's mobile enterprise platform solution. SAP Mobile Platform keeps employees functioning and business flowing:

  • Create and manage multiple apps
  • Exchange data seamlessly from traditional back-end systems to any unwired device
  • Access any enterprise application or granted information through corporate computers or employees’ personal sources
  • Stay protected when you’re connected anywhere, anytime through enhanced application security and end-to-end encryption

Afaria makes mobility seamless to manage from any database to any device:

  • Ability to erase enterprise-critical data from any mobile device, even when lost or stolen
  • Backed-up storage available
  • Boosts internal visibility, accessibility and productivity
  • Ability to upgrade mobile platforms with ease across all desired users
  • Manages and stores all data housed within your enterprise database

As the backbone of your SAP system, ERP Central Component applications adapt to any organization’s specific process requirements and market demands:

  • Easy to upgrade
  • Customizable to any business environment

Enhance your customer experience through the intuitive technology and easy-to-navigate organization of customer relationship management:

  • Rapid analytical engine offers customer-critical data in an instant
  • Advanced diagnostic technology identifies and captures new opportunities your competition would overlook, giving your business the edge
  • Flexible environment gives your organization the customizable functionality and adaptability your business requires
  • In-depth interaction history, social media synchronization and intuitive tools heighten your customer interactions and increase reliability

This on-demand in-memory application allows your business to process and analyze large volumes of data faster, smarter and with ease:

  • Powerful dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) allows for high-speed computing
  • Advanced architecture handles massive volumes of data and delivers more complex ad-hoc in real time
  • Data compression optimizes storage space
  • Columnar reporting provides a more digestible structure

SAP Sybase ASE
Experience the stability and high-performance of an environment unlike any of the traditional databases offered:

  • Enhanced flexibility allows your operations to adapt quickly to the changing market
  • Synchronized product release cycles eliminate unnecessary upgrades and subsequent maintenance costs
  • Seamlessly integrates with SAP HANA to streamline your adoptive path to the in-memory application
  • Streamlined business processes and more functionality through intelligent, in-memory thinking
  • Accelerated deployment means less downtime wasted
  • Reduced maintenance, associated costs and risk of failure
  • Fewer resources, software and equipment required
  • Storage saving/raw data compression
  • Best-fit-to-environment architecture will all releases customized per Sybase


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